Breakthrough Harvest Church

Where Do You Want to Serve?

Serving in ministry is not something you have to do! It's something you get to do. Fill out the form below and select the area of interest that you would like to serve and that you are most passionate about. If you are passionate about a particular area to serve and committed, but don't have experience, no worries we will provide training.
Please note that each of these serving opportunities requires commitment, and a relationship with God. You must also consider Breakthrough Harvest Church as your church, and you must be an active tither/giver to the ministry.
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Serving Opportunities
Administration - Must be able to handle incoming and outgoing emails, gather information on new people that connect with BHC, Handle Data input, setup, keep up with Calendar, and track attendance.
Outreach - Must be able to organize and/or work with a team , organize homeless outreach, food outreach, put bags together , go out into the community to serve.
Prayer Team - Must be gifted to pray for others, intercession , respond to any and all prayer requests, lead prayer services and prayer moments.
Children's Department - Must be gifted to work with children, pass background check, help organize and create events, teach and make the Gospel fun.
Event Planning - Must be good at scheduling and planning events, must be able to put teams together to execute for any event. Must be early for all events.
Usher/ Greeter - Must be loving to all people, able to stand long periods of time, make people feel welcome.
Praise/Worship - Must be gifted to sing and have a personal relationship with the Lord.
Visual Arts/ Media - Must be able to run cameras, have knowledge of social media, and love technology.
How often would you like to serve?
1 week per month
2 weeks per month
3 weeks per month
4 weeks per month
Any day as often as possible