Breakthrough Harvest

fasting guidelines

Monthly The  1st - 3rd 2023
-Don’t hit snooze, but instead jump out of bed quickly (Try using the 5 Second Rule) and begin your day with prayer.

 -Don’t miss Command Your Day, or any church services.

 -Spend at least 1 hour in prayer & Studying the Word praying for your church, Pastors and the world. 

-Fast from food from 6am-12 noon ( only water & 100 percent juice )

- No unnecessary scrolling on social media 

 -Spend 1 hour without your phone & spend quality time with your spouse and family.

 -Give up bad language and negative speaking 

 -Invite someone new to church this week In person and online. 

-Sacrifice and really Tithe to The Kingdom of God. ( where you are being spiritually feed)

 -Find someone to sow into and be a blessing too through a meal , money or whatever the Lord lays on your heart..