Breakthrough Harvest

fasting guidelines

Every Wednesday 

Fasting Times:

  • Every Wednesday Abstain from food between 6 am and 6 pm, drinking only water. 

During the fast, drink plenty of water but avoid tea, coffee, green juice, or smoothies until 6 pm each day.

You may eat before 6 am and after 6 pm, 

Purpose of the Fast: Our objectives include humility, repentance,  and seek God's will for our life and ministry , and have a deeper intimacy with Him.

Additional Details:

  • Keep a journal to record dreams, visions, and spiritual insights.

  • Maintain high expectations and faith in God's promises.

  • Minimize distractions and focus on spiritual matters.

  • Begin each day with scripture and worship.

  • Meditate on scripture throughout the day.

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you and seek opportunities for God to use you to influence others positively.

  • Place God at the forefront of your priorities. Steer clear of activities like watching TV, engaging in social media, participating in drama, or indulging in gossip, as these distractions can diminish your spiritual concentration.